Scaleup, Gesto, secures Series B funding round to expand their healthtech services across Brazil


HyperNoir – The data science company is partnering with Redpoint eVentures and DGF Investimentos, after closing an unrevealed Series B round.

Gesto aims to harmoniously disrupt the way companies take care of their employees health plan and their own budgets. Through a top-level algorithm, the company analyzes big chunks of data and recognizes patterns to help companies better profile their employees’ health status, and therefore negotiate more appropriate plans and rates.

The Brazilian VC’s, Redpoint eVentures and DGF Investimentos believe the founders have the capacity and resilience to successfully handle the rough market.

Targeting the healthcare sector in Latin America is certainly a big challenge, but that’s also why there’s such a great market opportunity and a potentially big return for the investors.

Fabiana Salles, the company’s CEO is also part of Endeavor Catalyst, the world-wide fund that helps startups with mentorship and potentially, with investment. The fund also participated in this round.

“This strengthening in capitalization will be important for us to continue growing rapidly and to expand our capacity to improve the health market in Brazil, without giving up serving the needs of our clients with excellence.”,

– Fabiana Salles, LAVCA Press Release

Gesto has been working on solving the inefficiencies within the industry since 2010. With over 100 corporate clients and more than 6 million peoples’ health care plans in their hands, they’re confident that the technology has arrived to the industry and it’s not not going away.

Looking to become the health technology reference in Brazil, Fabiana believes that the healthcare sector has so many inefficiencies that the technology could easily solve, similar to the financial services sector.

Gesto’s mission is to transform healthcare in Brazil. Not an easy task, but such a noble purpose.

– VC.


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