Colombia, Rappi Now Delivers Grin Scooters, Too!


HyperNoir – Grin, the ultra-viral Mexican scooter app is starting its expansion to South America, starting with Colombia.

The company launched a joint press release with Rappi, announcing their partnership to improve Bogotá’s mobility issues. Isn’t this better than the Ninja Turtles and the Power Rangers’ crossover?

If you’ve been to Mexico City recently, chances are you’ve noticed – hard not to – the wave of scooters moving around the city.

Grin, the Mexican contender has already enamored the urban commutants with their eco-friendly, fast and adrenaline-full service.

Colombia’s capital, Bogotá, as most Latin American metropolis faces traffic jam issues and both, Rappi and Grin are contributing to a better more efficient in-city mobility system. Not only that but the ever-growing environmental concern in the country’s population is also a great motivator for the scooter app.

How are they partnering? Go inside your Rappi app now and you’ll most likely see a Grin logo on it. Similar to how the Grin app works, users will be able to spot where the scooters are based on their location, and through a QR code unlock the service for them to use!

Fine details have not been revealed to what the other joint applications are, yet.

Users are conditioned to leave the streets unobstructed, asking them to leave the scooters at the designed stations once they finish using them. That way the pedestrians’ demands for a clear walking path are addressed and conflict between scooter riders and walkers is diminished.

This synergy created between companies within the Latin American region will set the ground for future startup collaborations.


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