Horus Aeronaves

Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil

Horus Aeronaves

The Pitch

Horus Aircraft is a Santa Catarina-based company that was founded in 2014. Focused on the needs of its customers, the company is constantly developing to offer the best aero-drilling solutions with drones. Owning proprietary technologies, resulting from years of research and development encouraged by innovation programs available in Santa Catarina, the company still has integrated services such as the image processing platform, which facilitates the experience of users who already perform flights with drones and Have difficulty processing maps. With a young and innovative profile, Horus Aircraft is already a reference in the Brazilian drone market, it is recognized for the quality of its products, the active technical support and the excellent relationship with its customers. The courses and training of operation are carried out in theoretical and practical stages, which guarantees a safe operation of the equipment. The company emerged through an identification of market opportunity in mid-2010. At the time, the founding partners of Horus worked with unmanned aircraft construction on research projects at the Federal University of Santa Catarina, participating in national and international competitions , Winning even a Brazilian title in the year 2012. During this experience it was realized that conventional aerial photogrammetry was expensive and not very feasible since it was performed with manned aircraft. As such, the development of drone technology would make this type of service cheaper and more efficient, opening up a new market full of opportunities.


Funding Rounds: 3

Last funding date: 2018/08/01

Last funding type: Equity Crowdfunding

Leading Investors: 1

Total Investors: 3

Last Funding in USD: 2000000

Total Funding: $2960860