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São Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Nuvemshop | Tiendanube

The Pitch

Nuvemshop provides entrepreneurs and SMBs with the tools to set up, manage, and promote their online business easily from any device. With the suite of tools around payments, shipping, inventory management, and marketing provided by the company, owners are enabled to participate in the e-commerce market, to ramp up their sales, reduce costs, and to provide their end customers with a shopping experience. In 2011, co-founders Alejandro Alfonso, Santiago Sosa, Jose Abuchaem, Martin Palombo, and Alejandro Vazquez established Nuvemshop in 2011.


Funding Rounds: 7

Last funding date: 2020/10/13

Last funding type: Series C

Leading Investors: 5

Total Investors: 14

Last Funding in USD: 30000000

Total Funding: $38382500