AWS has taken Brazil, so Google Cloud has expanded into a new Latin American country

AWS has taken Brazil
AWS has taken Brazil

Contxto – The race among tech corporations to dominate cloud-based services in Latin America continues. Earlier this year, Amazon Web Services announced it would use US$235 million to expand its data center in São Paulo, Brazil. Now Google Cloud is making its move but in Chile.

Last Wednesday (10) it announced that it would open a Google Cloud region in Santiago. Note that this isn’t its first venture into the Andean country. It had already opened a data center in the commune of Quilicura in 2015.

Because of this, Google Cloud Platform users in Chile will now benefit from low-latency and higher service performance. 

Google Cloud in Chile

Basically all this cloud banter means Google’s users will be able to streamline and access data from Google Cloud faster.

Why it’s a big deal: Public programs in Chile that incentivize startups, coupled with the current size of its ecosystem, and entrepreneurial culture are major pull factors that are drawing foreign talent and corporations (like Google) to the country.

Moreover, the only other part of Latam with a Google Cloud region is São Paulo, Brazil. So this launch in Chile suggests Google is betting on Santiago and its surrounding areas as regional contenders.

What Google Cloud’s rep has to say: “[Chile] promotes an atmosphere of innovation and has developed cutting-edge policies and programs that foster the growth of the internet.”

Correspondingly, by opening this additional cloud region, Chile strengthens its position as an innovation hub. 

When it comes to market size it cannot compare with Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, and Colombia. However, it is putting the right ambiance to be startup and tech-friendly in ways that these other countries lack.

Your move, Amazon Web Services and Azure.

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