Influencer marketing startup, Spark, raises US$1.5 million through Apex Partners

Influencer marketing startup
Influencer marketing startup

Contxto – Brazilian Spark recently raised R$8 million (~US$1.5 million) in an investment round led by Apex Partners.

The marketing startup’s leadership will direct these funds towards launching new business verticals, increasing its team, as well as for training purposes. 

When it comes to a potential market response through influencer marketing, Brazil is the place to be for Spark’s lead investor.

“Our job is to bring investment diversification to our customers and within this scenario, we evaluate promising and innovative businesses from various segments,” explains Fernando Cinelli, Chairman of Apex Partners.

“Spark stood out in this curatorship especially for the exponential growth that the influencer marketing segment has been showing in the country. Our objective is to boost the company’s scale-up and monitor its consolidation in the national market,” concludes the Executive.

Spark and influencer marketing

Entrepreneurs Raphael Pino, Rafael Coca, and Marcuz Buaiz founded Spark in 2015. The following year, Colombian Fluvip bought a part of Spark. However, in 2020, the Brazilian founders were able to buy back these shares and take back full control of Spark.

The startup itself uses influencer marketing for companies interested in brand activation.

Throughout its five-year run the startup has added its “spark” to over 2,500 advertising projects for companies like Mastercard, Universal Pictures, and Nestlé.

Moreover, despite the pandemic, Spark has managed well. Sources report it grew 60 percent during the first half of 2020, when compared to this same period last year.

Now thanks to its recent investment more employment is coming to Brazil, including for its influencers.

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