An interactive database with all the information on fundraising deals, details on companies, founders and their investors.

It’s build on top of Airtable so you interact with the data however and wherever you need it.

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For Founders

All Investors and Competitors in your space

  • Find Investors

    Take a dive into the most recent deals, and discover who invests in your current stage and industry.

  • Follow Competitors

    Keep up to date with your competitors’ fundraising, key hires and events.

  • Find Acquirers

    Search and find the companies that have acquired other companies in your space.

  • Save hundreds of hours

    Not only you can save time on research by having access to details and contact information instantly; you also get weekly updates instantly

For Sales Teams

Close more deals with better data

  • Identify Leads

    Research which companies have just received funding and will need your products and services.

  • Updated contact data

    Find the most updated and relevant information about someone’s movements, investments, acquisitions so you can be as relevant as posible.

  • Save Time

    Filter companies by employee size, funding stage, or available cash in to identify where to narrow your outreach efforts and maximize results.

What's inside

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Fundraising Deals
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$99 / year
  • Weekly Updates
  • 4K+ Investment deals
  • 2.5K Investors Profiles


$199 / year
  • Weekly Updates
  • 4K+ Investment deals
  • 27K+ company profiles
  • 28K Founders Profiles
  • 2.5K Investors Profiles