The Pitch Decks of 20 Latin American Startups that Raised over US$1 Million

Written by: Katie Griffing from Launchway Media

Raising startup funding in Latin America is hard, but it is getting easier. In the first half of 2019, VC investment in Latin American startups totaled $2.6 billion, according to LAVCA. That compares to just under $2 billion raised in all of 2018.

Capital is flowing into Latin America, and as a result, startups are increasingly garnering attention from both local and foreign VCs. But what goes into creating a powerful pitch to secure investment?

A creative pitch deck presentation is often an essential element of the fundraising process. Therefore, we gathered some of the pitch decks that Latin American startups have created and used over the years on the road to successfully securing capital for their ventures.

If you are preparing a pitch deck to present to investors, or if you’re simply curious to learn more about some of the most successful companies in the region, then these pitch decks can provide a lot of valuable insights and ideas.  

Here’s a look at the pitch decks of some of Latin America’s startups that have raised at least $1 million in venture capital over the years.

1. Mandaê

Country: Brazil
Simplifying the way Brazilians ship their stuff.
Funding raised to date: $11.3 M

2. GAIA Design

Country: Mexico
Revolutionizing the furniture-buying experience in Mexico.
Funding raised to date: $12.9 M

3. Nubank

Country: Brazil
Providing financial services in Brazil.
Funding raised to date: $1.1B 

4. Properati

Country: Argentina
An online and mobile platform for the real estate market in Latin America.
Funding raised to date: $9.7M

5. ZIO Studios, Subsidiary of Brainz Games

Country: Colombia
Creators of various cross-media, multi-platform experiences, including 3D animations, video games, and more.
Funding raised to date: $1.3M

6. PedidosYa

Country: Uruguay
Online and mobile food-ordering company that connects restaurants across 12 countries in Latin America.
Funding raised: $7.5M (Acquired)

7. Linio

Country: Mexico
E-commerce company that offers a wide variety of products online in many categories.
Funding raised: $230.5M (Acquired) 


Country: Argentina
A platform that allows users to aggregate web content and display them in a bulletin board-like customizable space.
Funding raised to date: $2.3M

9. VU Security

Country: Argentina
Developer of double-factor authentication solutions using hardware in mobile phones as a means of use and distribution.
Funding raised to date: $5.3M

10. Flowics

Country: Argentina
Flowics helps users discover, curate, analyze, and display social content across any media in order to measure and capitalize on social conversations.
Funding raised to date: $1M

11. Workana

Country: Argentina
The first and largest Latin American freelancing platform that helps businesses hire the most talented freelancers in the region.
Funding raised to date: $12.2M

12. Eventioz

Country: Argentina
Online event registration software that simplifies the process of publishing, promoting, and selling events of all kinds.
Funding raised: $1.5M (Acquired)

13. Clip

Country: Mexico
Developers of a card reader that enables users to accept credit card payments through their smartphones and tablets.
Funding raised: $101.3M

14. GetNinjas

Country: Brazil
GetNinjas is a web-based platform that hires local services such as home renovation, cleaning, private lessons, and more.
Funding raised to date: $16.8M

15. iFood

Country: Brazil
iFood is the leading mobile platform in Latin America used by hungry customers to find and order food from restaurants.
Funding raised to date: $591.9M

16. Agrosmart

Country: Brazil
Agrosmart offers smart farming software that allows remote monitoring and automation of agro-economic data. 
Funding raised to date: $10.4M

17. Ualá

Country: Argentina
Ualá is a personal financial application that allows users to conduct financial transactions completely online.
Funding raised to date: $44M

18. Idwall

Country: Brazil
Idwall develops software to help small and medium-sized businesses in the customer credentialing process.
Funding raised to date: $6.5M

19. Gympass

Country: Brazil
Gympass is a fitness discovery platform connecting the world’s network of fitness facilities to companies and its employees.
Funding raised to date: $300M

20. Olist

Country: Brazil
Olist operates an online e-commerce site that connects merchants and their products to key marketplaces.
Funding raised to date: $55.5M

This is an updated version of this post originally published on Launchway Media.

Katie Griffing (@ktagriff) is the co-founder of Launchway Media, a digital marketing and PR agency that works with technology companies and startups in Latin America and beyond.


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