Nov 23: This week in Latin American Startups

A great month for Sofia and the health of the Mexican people

Sofia is a Mexican telemedicine company that has one of the best user experiences I have used in this niche. This month she announced that she raised $20M in Early Stage Venture from Cavarly Ventures and Index Ventures. With this, the company has raised just over $26M since it was founded in late 2019. But the most important thing is that last November 18th they officially launched their app in Mexico.

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Why am I so excited about Sofia? Just use their app to find out. In a country where all basic services are lagging behind (health, food, banking, legal, education, etc.), we depend on the private initiative to provide a better solution. Normally, this would be a point of concern, since it only increases social inequality (e.g., public vs. private education). But companies like GBM+, Albo and Sofia, provide an accessible solution beyond 1 – 10% of the population.

Government as a service Without getting too intense, this is another element of a society that is getting closer and closer to Cyberpunk, the genre of fiction where corporations have more power than governments and privatize the services that the latter should provide. In the next decade we will have governments that will be replaced by corporations that offer better services and quality of life. Governments that understand that every year we are getting closer to a model of Government asa Service.


In December we will launch LatamBase, an interactive database with all the information on Latin American startups. It will cost US$199 per year and will be updated every week. Before making it public we would love to have your feedback. If you want to save $199 and have it free for the first year, just answer the email and we will contact you. So far the database mounted on Airtable contains

  • 4,250+ Fundraising Deals
  • 2,500+ Investor Profiles
  • 28,000+ Founder’s Profiles
  • 27,000+ Data on Startups

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-• Facio5,000,000 in seed capital forMonashees Banking, Brazil Facio is a digital platform that facilitates the process of contracting loans for the working class. -• Sofia $19,000,000 in Cavalry Early Stage Venture and Index Ventures Healthcare, Mexico Sofia offers a better way for millions of people to take care of their health through telemedicine -• Quantum Talent2,550,000 in Clout Capital’s Early Stage Venture HR, Peru Quantum Talent is a SaaS startup that offers HR solutions that reduce turnover and increase employee productivity. -• Minery,$550,000 in Seed Capital Mining and Marketplaces, Brazil Minery is a cloud-based marketplace that focuses on trade in mineral products. -• Solfácil 20,000,000 in Debt Financing Credit and Energy, Brazil Solfácil is the main platform for solar investment in Brazil.


The Future of FoodTech (1000×500)

On November 30th we will have a Masterclass on the future of FoodTech.

Juan David Jaramillo, CEO and Co-Founder of MUNCHER and early investor of Rappi will talk about the future of Dark Kitchens

Marinus Van Gestel, Head of Cornershop Mexico (former CMO and CCO of Linio) will speak about the future of Supermarkets.

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Bridgefy reached 2 million users

Good old Jorge Ribs‘ company, which enables messaging apps without connectivity, became known as the default app for demonstrations around the world. This is because it allows you to maintain communications even when oppressive regimes block or “turn off” the internet. Recently, activists in Nigeria and Thailand have urged their supporters to download the application, as they did last year when Hong Kong protesters downloaded Bridgefy to confront government censorship of phone services or data connections. This month, when Turkey and Greece were hit by an earthquake, the application became fashionable in application stores in both regions.


Will opens 5 logistics centers On Thursday, he announced the opening of five logistics centers throughout the southeast of Brazil. The Argentinean e-commerce giant is looking to accommodate a rapid shift to online shopping during the coronavirus pandemic.(link)


Launches financial education platform Fintech’s new Brazilian company, Facio, (the same company that received 50M from Monashees) is developing a financial education platform that not only offers free conferences and courses but also salary advancement services.

Banco Inter acquires 45% of Granito

Brazilian lender Banco Inter said Tuesday it agreed to pay R$90 million ($16.8 million) to Banco BMG for 45% of the Granito payment processing company.


Is creating a farm to compete with AWS Leading global cloud providers are aggressively expanding their international businesses by growing their marketing teams and data centers around the world. For example, in recent months, Microsoft has launched a new data center region in Austria, expanded in Brazil and announced that it will build a new region in Taiwan while competing with Amazon Web Services.

OXIO launches BrandVNO

Oxio, which has its HQ in NYC, raised $12 million in Series A funds to expand its program in Latin America and the United States in 2021.


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Designer Jobs

  • Konfio, UI Designer Mexico City (CDMX),
  • Konfio, UX Designer, Mexico City (CDMX)
  • Accenture, User Experience, Monterrey, Mexico
  • Accenture, User Experience Design Lead, Monterrey, Mexico
  • Auth0, Mr. Digital Designer, Remote

Engineering Jobs

  • Usermind, Senior Data Science Engineer, Remote
  • Runa, Data Engineer, Mexico City
  • Luuna, Data Engineer, Mexico City
  • Luuna, Frontend Developer, Mexico City
  • Kredi, React, Sr Frontend (React) developer, Monterrey, Nuevo Leon
  • Kredi, Ruby Mr. Backend developer, Monterrey, Nuevo Leon

Management Jobs

  • Collective Academy, Financial Analyst, Mexico City (CDMX)
  • Rappi, Senior Product Lead | Restaurants (Ads), Remote
  • Accenture, Project Manager, Monterrey, Mexico

Marketing Jobs

  • Bitso, VP of Marketing, Mexico / Remote
  • Crehana, SEO Manager, Mexico City (CDMX)
  • Crehana, Marketing Manager, Mexico City (CDMX)
  • Clip, Content Manager Jr., Mexico City (CDMX)
  • Cisco, Marketing Strategy & Planning Analyst, Buenos Aires, Argentina / Remote

Product Jobs

  • Collective Academy, Product Manager, Remote
  • Accenture, Functional Testing, Monterrey, Mexico
  • Colgate-Palmolive, Regulatory Affairs Specialist, CDMX
  • Thermofisher, Jr. Product Manager (Safety, Personal Protective Equipment), CDMX
  • Thermofisher, Product Engineer, Apodaca, Mexico
  • Amazon, Mr Product Manager – Delivery Experience, São Paulo, Brazil

Operations Jobs

  1. Runa, Business Rules Engine Specialist, Mexico City
  2. Rappi, Conversion Analyst, Bogotá, Colombia
  3. Baxter, Mr. Buyer, Cali, Colombia
  4. CiscoBusiness Analyst – Financial Verticals, Mexico City (CDMX)
  5. Cisco, Business Operations Manager, CX Strategy, Partner and Operations, Mexico City (CDMX)
  6. Cisco, Business Operations Analyst, Mexico City (CDMX)

Sales Jobs

  • Konfio, Contact Sales Manager, Mexico City (CDMX)
  • Crehana, Business Development Executive, Mexico City (CDMX)
  • Kavak, Regional Head of Sales, Mexico City (CDMX)
  • Rappi, Sales Operations Lead, Mexico City (CDMX)
  • Accenture, Salesforce Administrator, Monterrey, Mexico
  • Schneider Electric, Inside Sales Representative, Mexico City (CDMX)

Other Jobs

  • Brightcove, e-Learning Instructional Designer, Guadalajara, Mexico
  • Cisco Customer Success Specialist (CSS) – Data Center Networking Mexico City, (CDMX)
  • BAT Human Resources Intern, Monterrey, Mexico
  • Wizeline Senior Technical Writer, Remote
  • Wizeline, Technical Writer, Mexico City
  • Wizeline, Technical Writer, Guadalajara, Mexico


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