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Consejos para Invertir en Startups Internacionales

Los altibajos de invertir en Startups internacionales

Marvin Liao, un antiguo socio de 500 Startups, ha sido un inversionista de pre-semilla y de etapa inicial por más de siete años. En este artículo para The Vertical, comparte algunos consejos para los fundadores internacionales sobre cómo tener éxito en los EE.UU.

There’s no problem in Silicon Valley

There was an article written by Hermione Way called “The problem with Silicon Valley is Itself.” The article can best be summarized in Hermione’s own words: Living in San Francisco since January, I’ve interviewed around two hundred startups and there’s

Weebly: Be Content With Modest Growth

When I read that Weebly was pushing forward profitably, I recalled the interview I did with David Rusenko several months ago. Weebly doesn’t get talked about a lot, but it’s one of those startups I really wanted to do when

Grooveshark’s Interview

Tags: programmer, cofounder search, undergrad founder, hiring, VC funded, school worker, undergrad dropout, design-focused, major league player (Top 50 ranked site, Alexa top 1,000) Overview: Grooveshark started in 2006 with the goal of competing with piracy and becoming the #1