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Consejos para Invertir en Startups Internacionales

Los altibajos de invertir en Startups internacionales

Marvin Liao, un antiguo socio de 500 Startups, ha sido un inversionista de pre-semilla y de etapa inicial por más de siete años. En este artículo para The Vertical, comparte algunos consejos para los fundadores internacionales sobre cómo tener éxito en los EE.UU.

Laid Off or Lonely, You May Be Lucky

Before Dennis Crowley created foursquare, he started Dodgeball. The circumstances of being laid off at the same time as his cofounder led them to work together which would set off the chain of events that led to Dodgeball’s creation. Eventually,


Often, when we’d go pitch a potential investor, they’d offer us a bottle of water or something, and we’d always accept the water and then use it as a prop because when we’d say “yeah, we want to compete with

Startups Open Sourced, 1 Week Later: $10,000+ in Revenue

PayPal account: $1,555.18 1-day special: $8,211 (keep $3,167) * sales: $1,590 (keep $708.75) account: $206.91 Bulk affiliate sale: $700 Total revenue generated, including affiliates:  $12,263.09 Personal gross revenue: $6,337.84 Total investment cost: $2,000 ($1,000 editing, $800 transcription,

What’s up, Reddit?

As you sit there in your computer lab, procrastinating the homework that’s due in a couple of hours, I wanted to remind you that you’ll soon be getting a boring job. Are you absolutely certain you want to do that?