Spin Quantum Tech

Bogotá, Distrito Especial, Colombia

Spin Quantum Tech

The Pitch

Spin Quantum Tech, is an adaptative cybersecurity collection of quantum algorithms that solves the next cybersecurity trends and wave. It is based in AI and quantum computing, which allows it to learn from the environment and self-improvement. The problem is every security fingerprint behind a click will be broke in nanoseconds with the processing power associated to quantum computing. This mean our adaptative cybersecurity algorithms will provide dynamic protection and hardening able to run on any king of device or technology. Our target market are cybersecurity companies, solutions and cloud providers. Our multidisciplinary team have been working on AI solutions for 15 years, with customers in pharma, chemistry, Human Resources, health care and so on. Helping them to reinforce value proposition and raise up their profitability.


Last funding date: 1970/01/01