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Breve historia de la Inteligencia Artificial

El avance de la inteligencia artificial (IA) no ha sido un camino recto—ha habido periodos de auge y caída. Esta primera sección analiza en detalle cada una de estas épocas, empezando por Alan Turing y el desarrollo inicial de la inteligencia artificial en Bletchley Park (Inglaterra), y continuando con el auge del aprendizaje profundo.
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Interview: The future of talent acquisition

With only four months in operation, Hitch entered the market to revolutionize the way talent is acquired and retained thanks to artificial intelligence and machine learning. 

Gobble raises $1.2 million

A special congrats to Ooshma at Gobble — she has just raised $1.2 million according to TechCrunch. I remember when I first heard the idea for Gobble and I brainstormed with Ooshma to try and calculate how feasible the idea–or the

About Jared Tame

Studied advertising and computer science at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, graduates in 2011 Y Combinator alumni from the Summer 2009 batch; cofounded GraffitiGeo, which was later acquired by Loopt in 2009. First Silicon Valley experience was joining TokBox as employee

Infiltrating any startup

The next Google, Microsoft, and Facebook are among us. They’re run by founders who refuse to sell their companies and have staggering revenue and growth. In Startups Open Sourced, I asked cofounder of Brian Chesky a few questions about


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